How To Fold a T-shirt really quickly [video]

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Me, I’ve got a lot of t-shirts, well over 100, I don’t really know the true figure, so when I found this video showing me how to fold them quickly and easily I was a pretty happy guy. Now if only I had enough space to store them…


Flickr Fridays: Ballet

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Today’s Flickr Friday post is a beautiful image of a ballerina. I went to the ballet once in St. Petersberg when I was about 16, I fell asleep during the second half so I don’t think I’m really cut out for all of this high-culture stuff. I can still enjoy the picture though!

[Photo CC licensed from Face it.‘s Photostream]

What’s that yellow ball in the sky?

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A couple of days ago something amazing happened, here in the dreary, dark, wet, rainy North of England, the sun came out. For about four hours. And everyone went crazy. Even though it was still fairly chilly, people were wearing shorts, sitting outside of pubs having a drink, and playing football in the park. I think its a British thing, the second we see the sun we think its beach weather.

But there is one thing about the sun making an appearance that makes me happy, t-shirt weather can’t be far away!

I’ve spent most of my Contrast time looking at their hoodie and sweater selection since its been cold recently, so it was refreshing to have a perusal of their t-shirt selection for a change. A particular favourite of mine is this ‘Yelena‘ design.

[Photo Credit: Pandiyan]

Flickr Fridays

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Golden Gate Bridge by
I thought that it would be fun if every Friday I posted a picture from Flickr that was tagged with the word ‘contrast’. This week I’ve picked this rather cool looking image of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransisco, which was described at the most beautiful bridge in the world this week on a Neatorama list.

[CC licensed photo by]

Get free pins with your Contrast order

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Free pins with every order @ Contrast Shop
Whenever I get sent a package from a t-shirt label (and it happens a lot, I’m an addict!), I always like it when there is something else in the package besides ‘just’ the t-shirt. Sometimes it’s stickers, maybe a postcard, or possibly even a pin badge or two. I really like pin badges, they’re like bite-sized pieces of art, I’m slowly covering a piece of fabric with the myriad of pins I’ve received over the past couple of years, it looks pretty cool. Contrast must share my love of pin badges too, because whenever you make an order with them you’ll get a little freebie in your package.

Check out the Contrast Shop

Product Picks: The Winter Tee

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Winter Tee by Contrast Wear
Free pins with every order is great and all, but you don’t make an order because of a couple of badges, you make an order because of the designs, so let’s take a closer look at one of Contrast‘s designs.

I guess you could say that I’m a little late posting about this t-shirt, Winter is a rapidly turning into a memory for some of us, the daffodils are already blooming in my garden. But I guess you could also say that I’m really late in posting it, now that we’ve got global warming and a whole lot less snow falling to make the landscape look beautiful. I really like the design of this tee, the way that the print goes almost all the way from left to right helps it, giving the design more of a feeling of movement. The simple colour choice also helps to make it a bit more emotive (but not emo!) too.

Here’s a link to the t-shirt, and it’s available as a hoody too.

Psssst, wanna bag a bargain?

•March 11, 2008 • 2 Comments

Backside hoody, straight outta the contrast shop
To me, at €75, this hoody is pretty good value for money, but obviously I wouldn’t say no to seeing that price dropped like bag of heavy groceries. How’s €59 for you? Good? Yeah, I thought you’d like that.

Check it out on the kinda-hidden, kinda-secret, specials page along with two other hoodies and jumper.