“Justice” likes T-shirts!

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Justice –  an electronic music duo from Paris, formed in 2003 and consisting of Gaspard Augé and and Xavier de Rosnay  released a catchy single whose video and MP3 spread like wildfire across the Internet in summer 2007  ‘’D.A.N.C.E.’‘
The concept of its video is amazing, T-shirts with different  prints that keep changing and making a real arty video and once more we can realize that t-shirts rule the world !

Watch this video and imagine how beautiful it could have been with contrast’s t-shirts.  Although I have to admit, it’s beautiful as it is also 🙂



Adidas Superstar 35th Anniversary Music Series

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Ian brown, the lead singer of the Stone Roses during the late 80’s and 90’s, nowadays with a glorious solo career, a very cool person and a personal hero of mine definitely knows about streetwear. For the 35th anniversary of Adidas he was asked to design a unique pair of vintage model for Adidas as he sees them. The result, here in front of you ! Each pair comes with 4 sets of laces in different colours with a large metal ‘IB’ lace tag.

Of course it’s a Limited Edition, Super Rare! Now you tell me- won’t these Adidas match perfectly with our T-shirts or hoodies and a pair of worn out jeans? I say “oh yes !”. All I need now are the sneakers….


Check out SmartGeezer !

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Today I found a great site which recommends among others some very unusual and unique items.
This time SmartGeezer recommends Marc Ecko Star Wars Stormtrooper Hoody ! only after seeing the picture of it you’ll get the idea! A real avant garde item to my taste! Hope you’ll love it too.

The SmartGezzer blog is very fashionable, takes streetwear to new and original definitions, recommends on creative and very reasonable price range items!

A blog about smart clobber for smart geezers. No poncy crap.

Check it out:  www.smartgeezer.co.uk

Streetwear – The Book – by Steven Vogel

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What is streetwear? Is it a way of life? A way of dressing?  A state of mind? Contrast believes in all of the above!
Steven Vogel wrote this very cool book about street and urban wear, collecting opinions and taking photos of friends and people from the street trying to understand the streetwear phenomenon.

Vogel chose not to include “big names” or celebrities in his book, but to interview his friends and specialists on this subject.

If streetwear is your subject this is the book for you!

Japanese Street Fashion

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Hi again!
Contrast is always checking street wear and urban fashion around the world!
So, today I’m sharing with you trends from Japan, and the best way to do that is checking the people on the street of course!
Check out the T-shirts, hoodies and coats- what can I say…cool!

Which design competition is best?

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I know this topic is a bit off topic to regular Contrast chatter, but I’ve been wondering for quite a long time which is the best design competition. Threadless? Design By Humans? La Fraise? Shirt.woot?

Well, it turns out that a few people on Emptees are wondering the same thing, and whilst it isn’t a completely scientific approach (more opinion than fact), there still some good thoughts for those of you that design t-shirts.

Check it out

Flickr Friday(ish): Drops of Spring

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Drops of Spring by Steve Took It

Sorry that todays Flickr Friday is actually on a Saturday, I had a busy day yesterday going to get my car from the garage ($1400 bill, hurrah!) and it just slipped my mind.

Today’s photo is called ‘Drops of Spring‘ and is by a Flickr-ite called Steve Took It.